Sliding the Trinoid's Edge
 Topological Slide:  Introduction
You Are Here Mathematicians often describe the nature of certain topological surfaces by describing what it would be like to "take a walk" on the surface.   The Topological Slide uses immersive virtual  reality  technology to provide this type of direct sensual experience.  
 "The 'rider' will wear a head mounted display enabling an interactive wide-angle stereo view of a three-dimensional space.  The space will consist of a model of a topological surface to which the platform is bound and upon which it is free to slide.  The 'rider' may traverse the model's surface by leaning in the direction in which she desires to move.  The amount of lean in a given direction will determine the rate of sliding." 

The quote above is taken from he original grant proposal for A Topological Slide submitted by Michael Scroggins and Stewart Dickson to the Art and Virtual Environments Project at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 1991. Topological Slide premiered at the Art and Virtual Environments Symposium held in conjunction with the Fourth International Conference on Cyberspace at the Banff Centre in 1994. 

Discovering Enneper's Surface
Discovering the Jorge-Meeks Trinoid
Artist's Statement as Published in Immersed in Technology
Topological Slide Project Credits
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