Sliding the Trinoid's Edge
 Topological Slide:  Project Credits
Back to the Topological Slide Introduction Page The Topological Slide project was produced as part of the Art and Virtual Environments Project conducted by the Computer Applications and Research Program of the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada. 
Conceived and directed by Michael Scroggins  
Programmer, objects and interface:  Stewart Dickson   
Senior research analyst:  John Harrison   
Sound designer:  Dorota Blaszczak   
VR programmers: Glen Fraser, Sean Halliday, Graham Lindgren   
Computer associates:  Raonull Conover, Cathy McGinnis   
Audio associate:  Jennifer Lewis   
Computer support specialist:  Douglas Smith   
Software for sound processing on NeXT/IRCAMM: Rick Bidlack   
Executive producer:  Douglas MacLeod

Platform design, fabrication, and support: Dan Schmit, Juan Cordova
Video documentation: Gilles Tassé, Mark Richardson, Luke Van Dyk, Darryl Kaminski

Discovering Enneper's Surface
Discovering the Jorge-Meeks Trinoid
Artist's Statement as Published in Immersed in Technology
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The artists would like to ackowledge the advice and assistance provided by Dr. Mark Green, Christopher Shaw, and the Virtual Reality Lab of the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta.   
Topological Slide © 1994 Michael Scroggins

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